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Dear new AYC teacher,

你好!Welcome to Changzhou! ? I hope you’re excited to start the new school year. The students and teachers at Tian Jia Bing are really quite wonderful people. Everyone in the English offices speak English extremely well so don’t be shy about speaking with them! I’m not sure of your level of Chinese but it might be helpful to learn some with the foreign exchange students since they will be having Chinese lessons.

To help you get settled, here are some directions to the main shopping street (南大街) Nan da jie. When you are outside of the apartment on 吊桥路 diaoqiao road, with you back facing the mall, go left until you see a bridge on your left. MAKE A RIGHT (don’t go over the bridge) and once you see H&M, you’re in the downtown shopping area! Walmart will be to your left and if you keep going into the mall complex on the right, you will find TESCO. If you have a smart phone, you can download Bai Du maps, it’s super super helpful.

If you are in front of the apartment building facing the river park (the side of the apartment building with the door), walk to the river park and make a right. If you continue to walk along the river you will encounter the old city wall AND if you go all the way, you’ll see on your right, INJOY mall which has a really nice movie theater and a lot of shops worth checking out.

If the school offers you a position in the middle school, TAKE IT! It’s totally worth it to work with the younger students once a week. They are terribly sweet and more receptive to silly games and drawing activities than the high schoolers. It’s a heartwarming experience for sure.

Because all of your direct colleagues are practically fluent in English, asking them for help or recommendations will be a life-saver. From restaurants to gym memberships, these guys will make sure you go to the best places and get the best deals. Oh! Having a bike is really helpful. If you want a second hand one, your colleagues can definitely help you with that.

So as you’ll figure out, the internet situation in China is not ideal. HOWEVER here are some great sites for watching movies and tv shows: Youku.com iqiyi.com and bilibili.com Everything on bilibili is free and a lot of the time it has movies that are still in theaters in the states! You can also search for movies/shows on baidu aw well.

he rice cooker is AMAZING!!! You can basically cook anything in there. There are a ton of rice cooker recipes online. I made some cakes and pumpkin pies for the office and they were always well received ?.

Textbooks textbooks textbooks. I am not sure if AYC is still promoting the world sense books - Tian Jia Bing has them! Honestly, they are great books. I think the stories and images are really interesting HOWEVER the students already have English textbooks from their daily English class so they are already memorizing vocabulary and grammar from that. It’s up to you which textbook you want to use. I used a little bit of both. Also, just a heads up! The students learn British English so get ready to see “favourite”, “learnt”, and “theatre”!

The school canteen is incredibly convenient and CHEAP AS FUDGE! You’ll get a meal card with money on it within the first week. Breakfast is actually so good but I think I had it only three times because it’s served really early in the morning.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN! For realzies. All of the school events are great. Sports day is a blast and it’s a great way to socialize with the students and the teachers. Hang out in the office even if it’s just to read a book or watch something on your computer – the wifi is good and you’ll feel more immersed in the English office community.

Have an amazing year with these amazing people!

Sofia Goldberg









正如你所能预料到的,中国的网络环境不是很理想。然而,这里有一些不错的网站可以看电影,看电视节目:Youku.com,iqiyi.com,bilibili.com. Bilibili 网站上的东西是免费的,很多时候,上面的电影就是电影院刚刚上映的。你也可以在百度网站上搜索你要的电影。



学校的食堂很方便,也很便宜! 你到校的第一个星期,就会拿到一张饭卡。食堂也提供不错的早饭,但我只吃过三次,因为早饭供应得比较早。



                                                                          Sofia Goldberg



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